A hike to Mt. Assiniboine

Last week, I (Callum), went on a 4 day hike through the Rockies to see Mt. Assiniboine, a goal set by myself for the summer.

The total distance added up to an enormous 65 km, and was by far the most amazing hike I had undertaken. I started at Sunshine Village, through to Citadel Pass, down the Vally of the Rocks to the stunning first campsite at Lake Og.

Above: Og Lake, Campsite 1. Behind soars Mt. Assiniboine our next destination

After camping here for the night I moved on hiking through the Assiniboine’s First Nation land and to Lake Magog which sits under a Glacier and Mt. Assiniboine.

Above: Mt. Assiniboine, Lake Magog, Sunburst Lake & Cerulean Lake

I was advised to hike the “nublet” (a short 2 hour hike to a spectacular viewpoint) this was the highlight of the trip for me. It allowed me to appreciate the sheer size of Mt. Assiniboine and the Glaciers that surround it.

The campsite here was really nice, the weather during the night wasnt as nice. After a stormy night we woke up and left for Wonder Pass and our third and last campground, Marvel Lake. Wonder Pass is stunning, most pass’ tend to be tough going for hikers but this was the opposite. I hiked through meadows of Wildflowers, fields of rainbow-colored plants and birds.

Above: A Ptarmigan perched on a rock in a meadow of Wildflowers

Hiking around Marvel Lake was long and tedious but the views were amazing, the brightest blues imaginable. When we arrived at Marvel Lake Campground it was beginning to get cold but I promised myself that I would swim in a lake on this trip. So I went for a swim Marvel Lake (which by the way is fed by a Glacier) and it was extremely cold but well worth it. That evening the temperatures dropped to O degrees Celsius and I awoke the next morning with a frozen tent and frozen food.

The final part of the hike to me to Shark Mountain and Spray Lakes, the weather was great and the final section was finished within a few hours. I arrived to a car parked there a few days ago by some friends and drove out along the spectacular Spray Lakes.

This was an amazing hike and one I really recommend if you like distance over altitude as most of the hike is downhill and it had the best views of all the places I have hiked since living in the Rockies.


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